Thursday, April 17, 2008


It's my favorite meal, always has been. I hosted a lovely brunch which my friend Sarah photographed. She's lovely.

I'll post the most interesting recipe first, it's gluten free as well. Savory polenta bowls! This recipe is simple, hearty and delicious.

The first step is simple, find yourself a good quality polenta and cook it up in larger heavy bottomed pot. Just follow the instructions on the package, I usually add chicken or vegetable stock.

Once the polenta is finished cooking, serve it in your loveliest bowls and then let your guests go at it with the toppings!

Toppings pictured in this photo:
- spiced black bean dip
- guacamole
- sour cream
- salsa fresca
- cheddar cheese
- toasted pepitas
- cilantro

Other sugggestions:
- poached eggs
- chevre
- feta
- sun-dried tomatoes
- fresh basil
- olive oil
- olives
- pesto


Distressing Delilah said...

hmmm..some of my favorite ingredients!!! sounds spectacular!

La Meow said...

looks delicious.

petits bijoux said...

Thank you! I assure you this is a very tasty dish, it was a big hit.